Kumpoo spokesperson-World champion Zhang Yawen

She is the world champion, the cultivator and promoter of badminton sport.
She is Kumpoo new spokesperson—— ­­Zhang Yawen.

Zhang Yawen joined Chongqing badminton team in 1993 and became a member of China national team in 2001.

She won the champion of Mixed doubles in Badminton World Cup 2005 and won the bronze medal in Mixed Doubles of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,which is the first Olympic medal of Chongqing,China.


Zhang Yawen worked as the vice president and deputy director of the competition department of Chongqing sports Bureau after her retirement in 2011.

Zhang Yawen resigned from government office and started her sports business in 2015.

She created a sports and culture communication company for badminton training,sports cultural exchange and sports tournament.

She also founded a badminton club in her name.


Why does Kumpoo choose Zhang Yawen  

Cultivation and Inheritance
Zhang Yawen devotes plenty of time to the the education and training of Youth Badminton after retirement.
She believes that youth badminton is the future of badminton.

Doing youth training,discovering excellent players and making more teenagers enjoy the happiness of badminton.This is her aim.

The young players who are trained by Zhang Yawen have gotten great achievement in China Youth Badminton Tournament.

Enthusiasm and Promotion
"Do something for badminton industry" is Zhang Yawen's original intention for starting business.

Zhang Yawen is keen on attending public welfare activities and volunteer services,sponsoring college students , teaching village children to play badminton.

You will see her in lots of public welfare activities, no matter big or small.

Zhang Yawen popularizes and promotes badminton sports with her popularity to make more people love sports and badminton.