4 medals in Nationals U23 of Romania for team supported by Kumpoo


On 20­22 of September 2019 was held the National Championship of Romania for Youth category (U23). The badminton team from Iași (Romania) won 3 vice champion titles (silver medals) in MD (Vitalie Izbas & Vladimir Leadavschi), WD (Irina Calin & Madalina Ilie) and XD (Vladimir Leadavschi & Irina Calin) and also bronze medal in MS (Vladimir Leadavschi).



(Vitalie Izbas & Vladimir Leadavschi)



 (Irina Calin & Madalina Ilie)



 (Vladimir Leadavschi & Irina Calin)



 (Vladimir Leadavschi)




Coaches of the team are KUMPOO Alina Mihaela Popa(Romania and Bulgaria agent) and Vlad Popa.


The badminton team from Iași (Romania) will start this week the preparation for National Championship for Elite players which will be held on 22­24 of November 2019 and for this tournament the team will be completed with Matei Droanca and Alina Mihaela Popa.