Kumpoo and Daren Liew--Take the challenge


Daren Liew, a former player of Malaysia national team, is honored as the successor of Lee Chong Wei.

His brilliant talents in badminton was showed in lots of big tournament since 2009.

Daren Liew retired from Malaysia national team and became an independent shuttler in 2016.

Main achievement of Daren Liew
Third place of Men’s single in BWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018

Third place of Men’s single in BWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017

Second place of Men’s single in Korea Grand Prix Gold 2016

Second place of Men’s single in Chinese Taipei Masters 2016

First place of Men's single in Polish Open 2015

Top 4 of Men's single in Indonesian Masters 2014

Second place of Men’s Team in Thomas&Uber Cups 2014

First place of Men's single in French Open 2012

Daren Liew has a unique style on playing.His clean step and powerful smash will make you feel excited.All of fans think his playing is a kind of good performance.

Let's enjoy the skills of Daren Liew.

2019 JEUNESSE CUP international All­star Tournament

Daren Liew(Blue) VS Jen Hao Hsu (White)

By compared with several badminton players,Kumpoo finally chooses Daren Liew as he has the same spirit and enthusiasm as Kumpoo.


Independent shuttler can not get any donate from country and has to bear all of the cost by himself.Daren Liew quit from Malaysia national team and choose to continued his badminton career as a independent shuttler.Compared with national team players,he has to face competition stress as well as economic pressure.

“I really want to attend German Open and Swiss Open.However it is really hard for me to afford the cost.”Daren Liew said in one interview.

Daren Liew still plays in different tournament from 2016 on.He will nerve give up no matter how difficult it is.

“I will continue to play as long as I can.”He said.

It is because of the enthusiasm to badminton.

Same as Daren Liew,Kumpoo is also keen on badminton.With 35 years shoes production experience and more than 20 years badminton racket develop experience,Kumpoo has serviced for badminton field for 19 years.

Enthusiasm and devotion leads Kumpoo to become a international badminton brand.


Daren Liew,who was the capital of Malaysia national team,faced the most important and severest competition of his career in 2014.

Malaysia was defeated by Japan with 2:3.Fans blamed Daren Lie for the missing of Gold metal. Daren Liew was lost in deep self­blame.It took him several months to get out from the terrible situation.

Failure,suspicion,injury,sickness and economic pressure come one by one.If Daren Liew was defeated by these issues,we have no chance to witness his excellent show in 2018.

Daren Liew advanced to the semifinal in Total BWF World Championship 2018.He sprained his feet in the battle with Japan player­­Kanta Tsuneyama .

When he laid on the ground and rubbed his ankle painfully,all of the fans thought he had to quit.But he didn’t.He stood up and continued to fight.Finally he won the only medal for Malaysia.
Daren Liew won thousands of fans with his sports spirit­­Take the challenge.
“Take the challenge” is also the slogan and brand culture essence of Kumpoo.

Kumpoo is the pioneer in products development.

Kumpoo is the first brand to developed training racket(TRERAKE) in 2002.

Kumpoo is the first brand to apply Nano material in racket(POWER SHOT NANO series) in 2004.

Kumpoo developed patented Hexgaon rackets in 2008.

Kumpoo applied golf shaft in racket in 2010.

Professional training rackets

Nano material rackets

Patented hexagon shaft rackets

Professional golf shaft rackets

Patented two­different stiffness shaft

Patented hollow carbon handle

5U rackets in 2012
6U rackets in 2013
7U rackets in 2014
10U rackets in 2019

Kumpoo is keeping updating its lightness record of rackets in the field.

Push myself and take more challenge.

Daren Liew is ecstatic to cooperate with Kumpoo and updated his facebook as soon as he received the equipment.

Kumpoo and Daren Liew work together because of the same hobby and the same belief.
Take the challenge for better Kumpoo and better Daren Liew.